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Very useful links
Piping isometrics Extemely powerful Visio Stencil site for creating 3D isometric piping and shapes
ISA Server This is the authoritative website on ISA Server. Tom Shinder is Dr. ISA.
Cisco forums For registered Cisco CCO users, it provides a great forum on Cisco issues
Microsoft scripting center One of the best sources for Microsoft Scripting technology
Test your firewall defenses with GRC's Shields Up here If you have a home network or small network and you're wondering if your firewall is protecting you, this is the site to go to. Steve Gibson is also one of the Assembler gods
Tom's Hardware Great hardware enthusiast site
Small Net Builder Great site for small network related issues. The site is now "TomsNetworking.com"
StorageReview This is absolutely the best site for all things related to storage
TechRepublic Great site to learn about IT issues. (Note that I write here)
TechProGuild More detailed tutorials for for IT issues. (Note that I write here)
ZDNet Great general purpose IT site. (Note that I write here)
eWeek Great general purpose IT site.