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  George Ou launches new website
By George Ou, 4/19/2008
I've launched a new website at  The site is still in early alpha now but the blog, RSS feed, and comment system is working so I hope all my old readers come visit me and add my RSS feed.  It feels great to have a blog again after nearly a month of being homeless in the cyber blogosphere world.


Secure Wireless LAN presentation CIPS
This is the PowerPoint used in the presentation for the CIPS
ICE conference.

Internet Explorer MSDDS ActiveX fix
This is a temporary fix
to protect you against the Internet Explorer MSDDS exploit.

Wireless LAN security rating guide
This paper provides comprehensive security guidelines on Wireless LAN security for any size organization.

Windows XP SP2 NAT-T fix

This is a fix to re-enable NAT-T in Windows XP SP2

802.11a: Refuge from Spectrum Hogs
Alleviating spectrum collision with great deals on 802.11a

Spectrum Hogs: Fit to be slaughtered?
A lack spectrum space and poor channel efficiency is making the 2.4 GHz
spectrum a mess. Is there a solution to this or is new technology needed?

Microsoft addresses NAT conflict introduced in SP2

Breaking story on Microsoft modification of XP SP2 which broke some instances of L2TP VPN if the VPN Server is using NAT-T.

EAP-FAST:  The LEAP and PEAP killer?

Is Cisco's new EAP-FAST protocol really "as easy as LEAP" and "as secure as PEAP"?  See for yourself in this first of a kind article on EAP-FAST.

LEAP:  A looming disaster in Enterprise wireless LANs
If you're like most Enterprises running Cisco's proprietary LEAP authentication protocol, you better read this paper and discover why you better start migrating fast.

How to set up a Cisco router as an Internet Gateway
This article shows you how to set up a Cisco IOS router to serve as Firewall, DHCP server, and NAT for an ISP that issues DHCP addresses locked to your MAC address

How to set up basic WEP security on a Linksys Wireless Router
Even though WEP is not a very good security scheme, you don't want to be wide open in the home.  Note that this is only meant for casual security for the home.

Proposal for a new global PKI
Eliminating the cost barrier of public certificates and increasing security

Learn IP subnetting with this subnet Ruler
Use this tool for education or map out your entire global IP infrastructure

Implementing VLAN Trunking on Switches, Routers, and servers
Learn how to make use of virtual network adapters from a single network card

Advanced Firewall Policy and Network Architecture
Redundant Enterprise firewalls on the Corporate LAN

Building a robust DHCP infrastructure
Learn how to use a single DHCP server to support any number of subnets